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If you have purchased Microsoft Office® with volume licensing, you’ve also got an Outlook® extension tool named Business Contact Manager (BCM). That’s an interesting software piece, as it provides complete customer relation management (CRM) features, but still, in my opinion, it’s very heavy: it uses a complex SQL Server® database infrastructure, has (too) many features for common users, and introduces performance issues and too many dependencies upon Office® upgrading, all these besides the inconvenience of not being available with standard licensing schemes.

Personally, I needed something lighter: a tool that simply checks Inbox periodically for conversations that occurred between me and people outside of the company at least one month ago but not continuing afterwards, listing the e-mail addresses that I should probably write to in order to ensure we don’t lose possible customers. (And this tool should be free or at least not very expensive.)

I’ve never found a solution so I’ve eventually created a CRImprover service myself, as an Outlook® 2013 add-in project using C# and Visual Studio® 2013 – see its primary source code below.

Now, every time I run Outlook® my tool automatically checks for possible customer relations that need to be improved (and it can be periodically called also while it’s loaded using simple Timer instance), automatically creating Outlook® tasks referring e-mail addresses that it selects as of possible customers that I’ve talked to several times a month or more time ago but not later. And when I mark the task as completed, it never gets recreated again.


private void ThisAddIn_Startup(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    var session = Application.Session;
    var execution = (System.Action)delegate { Execute(session); };
    execution.BeginInvoke(null, null);

private void Execute(NameSpace session)
    MAPIFolder inboxFolder = session.GetDefaultFolder(
    foreach (var item in inboxFolder.Items)
            var mailItem = item as MailItem;
            if (mailItem == null)
            var customerInfo = 
            if (customerInfo == null)
            UpdateInfo(customerInfo, mailItem.ReceivedTime, 
                true, mailItem.SenderName);
        catch { }
    MAPIFolder sentFolder = session.GetDefaultFolder(
    foreach (var item in sentFolder.Items)
            var mailItem = item as MailItem;
            if (mailItem == null)
            foreach (Recipient recipient in mailItem.Recipients)
                var customerInfo = GetInfo(recipient.Address);
                if (customerInfo == null)
                UpdateInfo(customerInfo, mailItem.SentOn, 
                    false, recipient.Name);
        catch { }

    var maxFinish = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-30);
    var minDuration = TimeSpan.FromDays(7);
    var minCount = 2;
    var customersToImproveRelationsWith = 
        from c in customers
        let i = c.Value
        where i.LastSent <= maxFinish && 
              i.Duration >= minDuration && i.Count >= minCount
        select c;
    var contactsFolder = session.GetDefaultFolder(
    var outputFolderName = "CRImprover";
    MAPIFolder outputFolder = null;
    foreach (MAPIFolder folder in contactsFolder.Folders)
        if (folder.Name.ToLowerInvariant() ==
            outputFolder = folder;
    if (outputFolder == null)
        outputFolder = 

    foreach (var customer in customersToImproveRelationsWith)
        var emailAddress = customer.Key;
        if (outputFolder.Items.Cast<ContactItem>().Any(
            c => c.Email1Address.ToLowerInvariant() ==
        ContactItem contact = 
        var info = customer.Value;
        var name = info.Name;
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(name))
            contact.FullName = name;
        contact.Email1Address = emailAddress;
        contact.TaskSubject = (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(name) ? 
            name + " (" + emailAddress + ")" : 
            emailAddress) + " - CRImprover";
        contact.Body = info.FirstReceived + " - " + info.LastSent;

private Dictionary<string, Info> customers = 
    new Dictionary<string, Info>();

private Info GetInfo(string emailAddress)
    emailAddress = emailAddress.ToLowerInvariant();
    if (!emailAddress.Contains("@") || 
        emailAddress.EndsWith("@" + ""))
        return null;
    if (customers.ContainsKey(emailAddress))
        return customers[emailAddress];
    var info = new Info();
    customers.Add(emailAddress, info);
    return info;

private void UpdateInfo(Info info, DateTime time, 
    bool received, string name)
    if (received)
        if (info.FirstReceived > time)
            info.FirstReceived = time;
        if (info.LastSent < time)
            info.LastSent = time;
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(name) && name.IndexOf("/cn") < 0)
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(info.Name) || 
            info.Name.IndexOf("@") >= 0)
            info.Name = name;

private class Info
    public string Name;
    public DateTime FirstReceived = DateTime.MaxValue;
    public DateTime LastSent = DateTime.MinValue;
    public TimeSpan Duration { 
        get { return LastSent - FirstReceived; }}
    public int Count = 0;

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