We need support for developing WinRT components on JavaScript®!

We do have WinRT component (Universal Windows) project type in Visual Studio® when we select C# or Visual Basic language. Great. It’s an easy way to develop WinMD libraries that can later be reused in WinRT (Universal) app development using any of the supported languages – C#/Visual Basic (.NET), C++, or JavaScript®.

But we don’t have a similar WinRT component (Universal Windows) project type when we select JavaScript® language. I understand it would be difficult to allow HTML and CSS separation, but still, Microsoft® can (and should) either develop its own or (maybe better) reuse an existing component-aware framework on top of JavaScript® (such as Google’s Angular) and integrate it to Windows® app development to support JavaScript® based component projects in Visual Studio®.

If Microsoft would eventually add such support, UI component developers could write code only once using HTML and JavaScript®, and then all types of developers (using JavaScript®, .NET, or C++) can reuse the component when they develop Windows Universal apps, while non-Windows® app developers could still rely on the original JavaScript®-based component to inject it into their own apps (e.g. Web apps for any platform that accepts HTML and JavaScript®).

Right now, there is no such choice. One can only develop HTML and JavaScript® code first, and then either redevelop everything using .NET or at least define a WebView control-based wrapper component (written also using a .NET language), losing important features such as touch event handling and stuff like that.

(See also my previous post.)


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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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