The failure of success

Recently, Microsoft has finally reached an outstanding success (that I’ve expected): they eventually completely unified desktop and mobile Windows apps (even that the OS still has different “editions”, i.e. Windows vs. Windows Mobile).

Now you can use a single code base for developing a single Windows app and build and publish it only once to a single Store. Yes, you can tweak the UI for the mobile, smaller screen, though, but the core code of your app is the same, and compiled only once!

But… what happened? People are not all scientists (who love unification of theories and then do not like the different old theories once they can trust the combined one). Most people are like sheep. They go with the trend. And for mobile, Apple and then Google were faster and generate trends. They did not attempt unification at all, but provided something in agile fashion instead. IPhone got live by the time that Microsoft struggled to launch Windows Vista (and a different Windows Mobile was PDAs’ OS.) And now the beautiful unification is useless due to the market not wanting phones with Windows Mobile, be it nicely named, version 10.

I personally love the way the unification advanced and where it eventually got – originally I feared they couldn’t do it! But now what can I do? It’s not that much up to us, the developers. Instead, we need to develop mobile software for the sheep (that use Android and IOS) and desktop software for Windows 10, 8, but also 7 (so UWP is not a must), and Microsoft knows it. So it brings free Xamarin (for .NET-ists) and helpful Cordova Visual Studio tools (for JavaScripters) for the mobile, and should keep Visual Studio and classic .NET app development investments alive for desktop (while .NET Core is nice too!) That’s the best they could do now, after the failure of their success.

PS: Maybe Microsoft will eventually launch a Surface Phone or “phablet”, and maybe it will have some success. Still, it will surely be too late for ever naming the desktop and mobile unification a success – by that time – 2017, maybe – most people will still have Androids and IPhones and develop apps for them (some using Xamarin or Cordova). Google and Apple don’t seem to go there (yet) – running Android apps on Chrome OS is possible, with developer help and maybe Google Play Store could be eventually supported (but who has a Chromebook?), and MacOS still has a different UI framework than iOS, from my understanding, so applications are not compatible at all (and who has a Mac?)

Update: I think Hololens is going to rock, and UWP apps run there too. So your Xamarin C# and Cordova JavaScript apps will have an even larger market soon!


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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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