Developing HTML UI for SQL Server data with no middle code (or just a few lines)

I have a friend who knows how to create a SQL Server database and has also learned the basics of HTML and JavaScript, but he couldn’t link these two technologies with ease. Although myself I prefer .NET as glue code, I understood it would be difficult for him to learn another framework so I couldn’t recommend learning C# as the best option; it would have been too much.

However, testing a few things myself I found out that Visual Studio (for which Community Edition is free) allows you to generate the middle code for linking HTML to SQL without requiring you to know much C# or .NET. It has Next-Next wizards for almost everything, but of course, you still need to do the required steps and in the correct order.

To better understand how one can develop HTML on top of SQL Server with Visual Studio wizards and little (or no) .NET code, I prepared a small application for which I also took screenshots during development. You can now follow the same route and – if you are a beginner – learn how you can do Web development in a very practical way.

Get started!19


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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