Microsoft Flow custom conditions with logical operators (and, or)

If you recently started using Microsoft Flow to compose some workflows and manage a few processes like me (such as recording tweets about your company – or any other topic that is important to you – into an Excel sheet for reviewing later), you might have encountered this “issue”:

  • creating nested conditions isn’t nice, at least visually, as it clutters your flow diagram (e.g. checking multiple things before acting may turn into a set of ugly nested condition rectangles hiding the actual action executed when all tests pass).

To resolve the nested conditions or to use other logical operators instead (e.g. or), you can define custom code for the condition by editing condition in Advanced mode. For example, this condition code placed after a Twitter retrieval action checks that the tweet is original (not a retweet) and that its language is English:

@and(equals(triggerBody()?['RetweetCount'], 0), equals(triggerBody()?['TweetLanguageCode'], 'en'))

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