Targeting .NET Framework 4.7 or .NET Core 1.1

A heads up, if I may.

If you plan to develop an app targeting .NET Framework 4.7 or .NET Core 1.1, Microsoft says that you need to:

  • Update Windows 10 to the Creators update, build 15063;
  • Update Visual Studio 2017 to version 15.1.

But they do not tell you that you also need – of course – the .NET Framework 4.7 development tools and/or .NET Core 1.1 development tools, that are both optional features available in the Visual Studio 2017 update dialog, to be able to target these .NET versions from your projects (assemblies).

Note that the check boxes of these optional items may not be pre-selected when you do the Visual Studio update (at least that occurred in my case) and in this case, to resolve the target availability issue, you will need to start the Visual Studio Installer app again, select Modify, then check the features from the right side of the screen, under the .NET desktop development section:



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