Microsoft-ish developer, new app idea: what platforms to target/tools to use?

First, let’s summarize the current trends:

  • mobile (smartphone) usage increases tremendously, desktop usage decreases;
  • users prefer native apps vs. Web.;
  • programmers prefer native development vs. cross-platform development;
  • medium term: HoloLens (3D holograms projected directly on eyes).


Assuming that you’re a Microsoft technology oriented developer that masters .NET (probably with C#) and JavaScript (probably through TypeScript), I think there are a few (partially divergent) directions to take. I tried to illustrate the options in a small table and hope it would help someone, someday:

Native development (more to learn to target smartphones) Using Xamarin (native apps with C#-based cross-platform dev. tools) Using Cordova tools (WebView-based apps, using JavaScript or TypeScript – not native, but sharing Web code)
Smartphones only
App development 1.0 (native, minimal) App development 2.0 (Xamarin, minimal) App development 3.0 (Cordova, minimal)
Smartphones + HoloLens
App development 1.1 (native, future trends).png App development 2.1 (Xamarin, future trends) App development 3.1 (Cordova, future trends)
(future only)
App development 1.1.1 (native, future only) N/A N/A
Smartphones + desktop/Web
App development 1.1.2 (native, legacy) App development 2.1.2 (Xamarin, legacy) App development 3.1.2 (Cordova, legacy)
Smartphones + HoloLens + desktop/Web
App development 1.2 (native, future, legacy) App development 2.2 (Xamarin, future, legacy) App development 3.2 (Cordova, future, legacy)

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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