Afraid of AI?

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OK (or not OK). But (anyway) you shouldn’t be afraid of AI programming.

This post, written by one of the best young programmers I’ve ever worked with (he has just started to blog – good luck Zoli!), mentions that there is a lot of misunderstanding about what AI is at its core, and what are its conceptual limits.

The essay mentions – as possibly you would otherwise realize only if you’d go away from all advertising and do some Python yourself – that AI is not the solution for every problem, being just a practical way to get some of the things, here and there, done – and lists the advantages and disadvantages of deep learning in a very objective manner (but of course, take this with a fair dose of subjectivity from my side :-)).

Sure, to do AI programming one would better be able to understand maths and statistics, and in the future maybe also some physics (going towards quantum computing), but essentially it’s not that hard and, with reasonable time spent on learning and practicing, any programmer that would do this out of love could do AI and get paid well for it!


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One Response to Afraid of AI?

  1. codeinfig says:

    yes, dont fear paperclip maximisers in a world where the top producer of wealth is strip mining and arms sales.

    im not afraid of ai being more evil than us– im afraid of it making our stupidity more efficient. artificial intelligence could still maximise our stupidity. thats what it did for microsoft tay– with meddling, yes. ai doesnt exist in a vacuum though. it will be used by stupid people to do stupid things–

    it already IS used by stupid people to do stupid things. its going to be used by more stupid people for more stupid things. an optimist will say ‘yes, but it will be used for good things too.” hey, sometimes war is a good thing. but how often is it really good or necessary? ai is a weapon, it will be used as a weapon, it is used in weapons. while youre saying its good, it will kill people. but thats fine, no one cares about war or death or civilians anymore. and just like every silicon valley bedtime story, computers will save us from our own mistakes. just like they do now.

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