My name is Sorin, I’m a passionate software architect and developer at (besides being the founder of) DlhSoft, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: I couldn’t live without writing code.

Just as you’d expect if you’re a programmer too, I often find myself between these roles, and eventually this situation leads me to resolving strange issues that I couldn’t blame other fellows for. But when I get the work done I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t thank the physics laws enough for allowing endorphins to eventually overflow my nervous system.

I should therefore conclude that I couldn’t help creating this blog as:

  • I love programming, developing software items every day;
  • I like to write more than to talk, offering as much details as needed for the worst case situations to avoid further questions as much as possible, and thus inherently increasing communication efficiency;
  • I’m always willing to share my thoughts and professional happiness with others, since humans have evolved as social beings and virtually nothing can be done against this.

My open source software development projects, sometimes linked from posts in this blog, are under GitHub.

Finally, I just wanted to add that I believe this blog will be able to help others to resolve their programming issues, since:

  • search engines are now very good and many times they provide links to blog posts too when queried for technical issue specific keywords (if they fit their contents well);
  • I’ll always try to provide resolutions in a (hopefully) interesting fashion, being followed by code snippets that would easily reach my readers’ minds, ready to be adapted and applied to their own projects, saving their lunch or dinner time as often as possible.

And note that I often also work as a part-time external consultant providing software development and related services to other tech companies upon request, so if you need more help, just contact me for a quote. 🙂

Enjoy the clouds and fly the sky!

DlhSoft company provides the back stage support for running this blog. I’m going to post as often as possible, but as I’m usually also involved in many projects at the company, and I cannot guarantee more than one post per month. Thank you for understanding.

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