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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.

Swift events

Swift does not have built-in .NET-like events. (I admit, I was used to have them in C#, although implementing the weak pattern in .NET was not the easiest job either.) Instead, in Swift there are two common patterns that developers (and even Apple) … Continue reading

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When optionals are… required

Assume you have developed a service, with methods requiring arguments, properly extracted into a interface. Then you (or your customers) would write nice clients for your service. Of course, such clients will probably be unit tested in isolation, such as … Continue reading

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On onion (cone?) architecture

“High level modules should not depend on low level modules. Both should depend on abstractions.” The first three circles starting with the central Domain define the application core. Each of these is a collection of high level modules. The outer-most … Continue reading

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Computers return

In the recent years we’ve all seen that the computer market was going down badly, while the smartphones increased tremendously. But checking GlobalStats’ OS market shares today I found a big surprise (is it a Christmas present?): both Windows and macOS … Continue reading

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macOS milestone

As a Windows app programmer that wants to also develop native iOS and Android apps, one should learn to develop native macOS apps first! In my opinion it’s easier to learn standard Cocoa first, and only then Cocoa Touch (sharing, of course, the Foundation and other … Continue reading

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App backend selection

Assuming that we want to develop a simple app – e.g. the Shopping list app example that triggered my previous post – and make it available for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and also Web to cover other devices including Windows and macOS), how do we develop … Continue reading

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A few days ago I was thinking that it’s really a pity that I cannot find a good iOS shopping list app in my language. Good means simple, allowing me to manage multiple named lists with check-completable items, with autocompletion … Continue reading

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