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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.

How to git stash from a devenv that doesn’t have it integrated

Git stash enables you to switch from one branch to another without committing changes. Still, not all environments (including Visual Studio up to 2017, at least) have it integrated. Of course, if you’re a standard dev, the command line is your … Continue reading

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Embedding custom Cocoa views with xibs into frameworks

Ever thought of defining a custom Cocoa class (inheriting from NSView or a descendant), associate it with a xib to be able to define its UI with xCode designer, and then put everything into a framework that you could reuse … Continue reading

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“Local” git repo remote on iCloud

Disappointingly, Apple doesn’t (yet?) have cloud based git repo hosting (and it seems even xCode server which previously could have allowed teams to host repos on macOS Server doesn’t offer this anymore, either – maybe awaiting for code integration features … Continue reading

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Afraid of AI?

OK (or not OK). But (anyway) you shouldn’t be afraid of AI programming. This post, written by one of the best programmers I’ve ever worked with (he has just started to blog – good luck Zoli!), mentions that there is … Continue reading

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Asynchronously awaiting for Swift await

Async-await pattern that is now common in many modern programming languages (having been introduced by C# a few years ago) is unfortunately not yet available in Swift. While it was proposed for implementation, it has not (yet) been identified as a … Continue reading

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How to improve your good code further

(Follow-up for my previous post on how to write good code from scratch.) No, I won’t ask here to always write unit and automated UI tests, although they would also help tremendously at the time our code would be stable enough. And I … Continue reading

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PWAs: are we dreaming?

TL;DR: PWAs are nice, but won’t become a unique development technology to converge to, due to performance and UX issues that are very hard to solve completely at OS level. I read more and more on the Web nowadays about PWAs. That is, progressive Web apps. Actually, in … Continue reading

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