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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.

Generically handling multi-threading exceptions in WPF

You have a WPF app and you just want to show a message whenever an exception is raised an not handled anywhere else in code. The first try is surely this: This works fine, as long as the exception isn’t … Continue reading

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2D virtualization

Do you need to develop a UI grid component displaying column-aligned cells for rows bound to specific items that the client would provide? Do yourself a favor and prepare for performance improvements when you design it. I mean: don’t just … Continue reading

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As you probably guessed, yes, I’m (partially) moving to Medium. (Thanks Paul for the suggestion.) Don’t worry, I will still post some work here, but – from now on – I’ll write the stories that I consider to be the most interesting only there. Why? … Continue reading

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Ramping up

When you ramp up a new project, would you rather:  assume everything is black box until details are needed or dig down, trying to understand and learn as much as possible already? In my opinion, the best answer would depend on … Continue reading

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Programming is…

… hard because: to be (or become) a programmer, you don’t only need to know how to solve complex problems yourself, but you also need to be able to unleash your creativity and: split such resolutions into lower and lower (and recursively … Continue reading

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Moq: how to VerifySet with an object that respects a condition

Sometimes you want to test that a service method sets up the correct object on another (singleton) service. For example, that an authentication service sets up a user object with the correct username to the app’s user context. With Moq you … Continue reading

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Daylight may ruin your date

(No, this post doesn’t include dating advice. For such content, your best shot is probably YouTube. :-)) This is instead about Date values in Swift*. Which sometimes you might need to update by “components”. Such as by adding a specific number … Continue reading

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