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Want to learn WPF? Get a book

Originally posted on Sorin Dolha's Blog:
I’ve said it before. In my opinion, WPF is the single contemporary programming technology (disclaimer: among those that I’ve considered myself) that really requires a book to learn it. Otherwise, trying to dig…

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Workaround for FrameworkElement.Triggers using Style and resolving issue

Many times it would be so handy to have Triggers available at the root FrameworkElement object type. Yes, the property exists, but it only supports EventTrigger at that level, while many times you’d want a different type of trigger, such … Continue reading

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Good to know: Windows SmartScreen certificate reputation

Assume that you have developed a full-trust Windows desktop application (such as based on WPF) and deployed it using ClickOnce some time ago. Of course, to ensure people trust your application upon downloading or running it, you signed its manifests using … Continue reading

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Hyperlinks in standard WPF windows

You can add Hyperlink elements in WPF documents and navigational containers. However, fi you have a standard WPF window, how do you do it? Here is a possible solution: add a TextBlock with a Hyperlink inside it every time needed, and optionally … Continue reading

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When you do not want to implement a method at all, throw NotSupportedException in its body; do not throw NotImplementedException. For example if you want to define a Converter that, by design, would only need to support one way bindings for … Continue reading

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Music player with auto-crossfading

Sometimes you need to play some music and doing that with Windows® 10 Music app, the older Zune™ player or the oldest Windows® Media Player is fine, but there is no built-in or default automatic crossfading option – you probably … Continue reading

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TryFindResource extension for Silverlight™ with MergedDictionaries support

Here is my attempt to implement a TryFindResource extension method that would work in Silverlight™ supporting MergedDictionaries too, in case you need to build a single client source code base for both WPF and Silverlight™ (otherwise I would have implemented … Continue reading

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