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Can smartglasses replace smartphones?

As I previously mentioned I think that 3D visual user interface (provided as augmented or mixed reality, such as by Microsoft’s HoloLens) is going to be the future of app development. Accompanied, maybe, by AI-enabled voice assistants available in more … Continue reading

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Scale box for UWP

In XAML based UWP development you’ll notice that the common WPF feature of LayoutTransform isn’t available. However, sometimes you just want to scale things up or down and it’s difficult to get it done. Viewbox is a nice element but it scales according … Continue reading

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Non-game 3D apps in Unity

HoloLens (and more generally, Windows Holographic) is around the corner and will transform the way people interact with devices and their expectancies from them. Holograms and 3D gestures are the new user interface elements you need to consider when you develop … Continue reading

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