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How to improve your good code further

(Follow-up for my previous post on how to write good code from scratch.) No, I won’t ask here to always write unit and automated UI tests, although they would also help tremendously at the time our code would be stable enough. And I … Continue reading

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How to write good code on first attempt

TL;DR: draw diagrams and (re-)write requirements. If a developer has an idea about a software product or feature to be designed and/or a few minutes of thoughts on how it should be developed, he or she might feel that it’s enough, … Continue reading

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A single line after if shouldn’t require {braces}

I saw many C# style guidelines (or even enterprise standards) requiring that the code statements within of if (or else, or else if) clause should always require braces ({, }), even when there is a single statement to run. I feel … Continue reading

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