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How to git stash from a devenv that doesn’t have it integrated

Git stash enables you to switch from one branch to another without committing changes. Still, not all environments (including Visual Studio up to 2017, at least) have it integrated. Of course, if you’re a standard dev, the command line is your … Continue reading

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“Local” git repo remote on iCloud

Disappointingly, Apple doesn’t (yet?) have cloud based git repo hosting (and it seems even Xcode server which previously could have allowed teams to host repos on macOS Server doesn’t offer this anymore, either – maybe awaiting for code integration features … Continue reading

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Cherry picking through a middle branch

Let’s assume we work with git on our project. And that we have two important branches: dev – which is built and deployed automatically to a local environment; master – which is built and deployed automatically to production environment. Moreover, let’s … Continue reading

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