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Computers return

In the recent years we’ve all seen that the computer market was going down badly, while the smartphones increased tremendously. But checking GlobalStats’ OS market shares today I found a big surprise (is it a Christmas present?): both Windows and macOS … Continue reading

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Next wave?

First and second steps At first there were desktop computers: either at home or at the office (later also on the go with notebooks), desktop apps present complex information in 2D (or projected 3D) graphical format on a large screen, … Continue reading

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I recently found out about the new cross-platform framework for mobile development that Google backs up: Flutter. Although it’s only in alpha stage (i.e. early development) at this time, I wonder, could it eventually reach more adopters than Xamarin or … Continue reading

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The failure of success

Recently, Microsoft has finally reached an outstanding success (that I’ve expected): they eventually completely unified desktop and mobile Windows apps (even that the OS still has different “editions”, i.e. Windows vs. Windows Mobile). Now you can use a single code base for developing … Continue reading

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