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Microsoft-ish developer, new app idea: what platforms to target/tools to use?

First, let’s summarize the current trends: mobile (smartphone) usage increases tremendously, desktop usage decreases; users prefer native apps vs. Web.; programmers prefer native development vs. cross-platform development; medium term: HoloLens (3D holograms projected directly on eyes). Assuming that you’re a … Continue reading

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Scale box for UWP

In XAML based UWP development you’ll notice that the common WPF feature of LayoutTransform isn’t available. However, sometimes you just want to scale things up or down and it’s difficult to get it done. Viewbox is a nice element but it scales according … Continue reading

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Prepare for holographic era

Looking on trends, business news, and development forums, I’m now pretty sure that holographic apps will represent the next wave of technological innovation in just a few years. No, smartphones will not suddenly die, but more and more people will probably buy … Continue reading

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What programming language should I learn? (if I were a student)

What programming language should one learn or focus on if he or she was a computer sciences student and intended to work as a software developer? This question was a tough one in the past too, but today it is especially difficult because there are even … Continue reading

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