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Generically handling multi-threading exceptions in WPF

You have a WPF app and you just want to show a message whenever an exception is raised an not handled anywhere else in code. The first try is surely this: This works fine, as long as the exception isn’t … Continue reading

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2D virtualization

Do you need to develop a UI grid component displaying column-aligned cells for rows bound to specific items that the client would provide? Do yourself a favor and prepare for performance improvements when you design it. I mean: don’t just … Continue reading

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Moq: how to VerifySet with an object that respects a condition

Sometimes you want to test that a service method sets up the correct object on another (singleton) service. For example, that an authentication service sets up a user object with the correct username to the app’s user context. With Moq you … Continue reading

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Daylight may ruin your date

(No, this post doesn’t include dating advice. For such content, your best shot is probably YouTube. :-)) This is instead about Date values in Swift*. Which sometimes you might need to update by “components”. Such as by adding a specific number … Continue reading

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Swift optionals can save the day

Although generics in Swift are somehow limited at this time, there is a nice variance-related feature available when using optionals: you can assign a non-optional to an optional variable, an array of non-optionals to an array of optionals (these two are classics), … Continue reading

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Enum cases with associated values are powerful but we need follow-up patterns

Let’s assume we want to use Swift to develop a function to round floating point numbers, in different ways according to a context. For example, sometimes the result of such rounding could be the input value itself (like on a … Continue reading

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Swift events: almost generic, almost solution(s)

I have been thinking about a possible better/generic solution for adding multi-cast delegate/event dispatching support to Swift class hierarchies since January, i.e. since more than 6 months ago. While in my opinion the solution below is still not better than … Continue reading

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