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Swift events: almost generic, almost solution(s)

I have been thinking about a possible better/generic solution for adding multi-cast delegate/event dispatching support to Swift class hierarchies since January, i.e. since more than 6 months ago. While in my opinion the solution below is still not better than … Continue reading

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ToolTipService.ShowDuration within a specific WPF view

ToolTipService.ShowDuration attached property isn’t inherited from parent to child elements within the WPF visual tree, and therefore values for this property – to produce runtime effects – must be set on all the elements that have ToolTips for which we’d … Continue reading

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Drag gesture recognizer for iOS development (with initial touch location)

As everybody knows, when using a mouse on a computer a drag operation occurs when the mouse button is pressed, then the device is moved, and eventually the button is released. It’s a continuous and precise operation. In iOS we have … Continue reading

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Creating great products requires outstanding functional design

(I’ve recently twitted two examples, but I think it the idea deserves a more general blog post, so here we go.) It’s not enough to be an outstanding developer to be able to create great software (that sells). You need to also … Continue reading

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Delaying (?) unit testing

It happens: even if you have clear functional requirements and good architecture from the beginning of a project, sometimes (and often) the code that you initially wrote to develop a specific feature (or an infrastructural aspect) will end up deeply … Continue reading

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Mocking “this”

Let’s assume we have a simple service that is also using an inner service, providing a few operations as follows: public interface IService {     string A();     string B();     string C(); } public class Service : IService {     private readonly IInnerService innerService;     public Service(IInnerService innerService)     {         this.innerService = innerService;     }     public string A()     {         return “A”;     }     public string B()     {         return b(); … Continue reading

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Testing Swift deinit

As you probably know, Swift uses ARC for memory management (presumably to improve performance over classic garbage collection based systems). That means it is very important that you do use weak (or unowned) references whenever cycles could form. For example, when you implement … Continue reading

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