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Microsoft-ish developer, new app idea: what platforms to target/tools to use?

First, let’s summarize the current trends: mobile (smartphone) usage increases tremendously, desktop usage decreases; users prefer native apps vs. Web.; programmers prefer native development vs. cross-platform development; medium term: HoloLens (3D holograms projected directly on eyes). Assuming that you’re a … Continue reading

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My tech interests

Here below is a mind map diagram presenting the most important tech interests I currently have. They have surely increased much in the last few years, and I’m sure that even more topics are to be added there – either because I simply forgot about them or because … Continue reading

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Some things I’ve learned…

… following daily news about Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and other software development oriented companies on FlipBoard Technology magazine over the recent years: Reinvent yourself, even when you’re old and others see you old. Develop things for now, but design them also the future. Shake … Continue reading

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