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Creating great products requires outstanding functional design

(I’ve recently twitted two examples, but I think it the idea deserves a more general blog post, so here we go.) It’s not enough to be an outstanding developer to be able to create great software (that sells). You need to also … Continue reading

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How to write good code on first attempt

TL;DR: draw diagrams and (re-)write requirements. If a developer has an idea about a software product or feature to be designed and/or a few minutes of thoughts on how it should be developed, he or she might feel that it’s enough, … Continue reading

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Developer focus selector

From low level to high level programming, software developers need to select a good technological area to focus on, since nobody would ever know well everything: Of course, the diagram above is not exhaustive, and it can be seen as … Continue reading

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Some things I’ve learned…

… following daily news about Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and other software development oriented companies on FlipBoard Technology magazine over the recent years: Reinvent yourself, even when you’re old and others see you old. Develop things for now, but design them also the future. Shake … Continue reading

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