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Computers return

In the recent years we’ve all seen that the computer market was going down badly, while the smartphones increased tremendously. But checking GlobalStats’ OS market shares today I found a big surprise (is it a Christmas present?): both Windows and macOS … Continue reading

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A few days ago I was thinking that it’s really a pity that I cannot find a good iOS shopping list app in my language. Good means simple, allowing me to manage multiple named lists with check-completable items, with autocompletion … Continue reading

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Next wave?

First and second steps At first there were desktop computers: either at home or at the office (later also on the go with notebooks), desktop apps present complex information in 2D (or projected 3D) graphical format on a large screen, … Continue reading

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Learning the basics of programming can and should be fun

Myself I have learned the basics of programming using GW-Basic back in early 1990s. Once I understood what programming really is – i.e. that i = i + 1 actually means incrementing value of variable i from the computer’s memory … Continue reading

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What to do in IT

You’ve studied computer sciences, and you’re good at it. How do you select your job? Assuming that you don’t want to be a researcher (but up to a point even if you do), and that you like software development, you can … Continue reading

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Enabling Entity Framework Core 1.1 tools

After I created an ASP .NET Core 1.1 project (Console app) with Visual Studio 2017 to develop a new WebAPI, I wanted to add support for EntityFrameworkCore. Everything was OK, except for the Tools.DotNet package, which I couldn’t add with … Continue reading

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Can smartglasses replace smartphones?

As I previously mentioned I think that 3D visual user interface (provided as augmented or mixed reality, such as by Microsoft’s HoloLens) is going to be the future of app development. Accompanied, maybe, by AI-enabled voice assistants available in more … Continue reading

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