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JavaScript/TypeScript and HTML5 related issues and solutions

Bloody space in a form input name

Suppose that you have to HTTP-post a form with some pre-computed hash field to a service. You prepare the form as HTML or as an HTTP client call, with a hidden input field or a request body parameter that is … Continue reading

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Using CSS attribute selector to simulate a CSS style selector

Although it might be considered strange by some, sometimes we just want to set up CSS styles on elements selected based on other style values, that are set in other ways, such as inline styles placed by internal JavaScript components … Continue reading

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Angular 2 < 1

Doing some personal research (so I don’t say it’s 100% sure, but it’s 100% how I feel afterwards) I found that developers do not love Angular 2 as much as I thought they would (given the really big momentum that AngularJS had just … Continue reading

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When you, a Microsoft technology-oriented developer, write software today you have to select the target platforms you would like to support. The platforms are then used to select the tools, technologies, and programming languages you can use for coding the different layers of … Continue reading

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Developing HTML UI for SQL Server data with no middle code (or just a few lines)

I have a friend who knows how to create a SQL Server database and has also learned the basics of HTML and JavaScript, but he couldn’t link these two technologies with ease. Although myself I prefer .NET as glue code, I understood it … Continue reading

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Angular 2 development with Visual Studio

When I started to look over what Angular 2 is all about I tried to create a Visual Studio project for testing. I expected to be able to start using a project type such as HTML application with Typescript (or with JavaScript) … Continue reading

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Modern Web sample app

Let’s assume we have an organization that has departments and employees, and you want a Web app that one could use to manage the data. We can use this technology stack to obtain what we want in a highly customizable … Continue reading

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Compiling TypeScript with Cordova™ in Visual Studio® 2015

By default, it seems TypeScript files do not get compiled into JavaScript® if you add them to an Apache Cordova™ based app in Visual Studio® 2015. Update: This is so only if you select the Cordova app project type in Visual … Continue reading

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We need support for developing WinRT components on JavaScript®!

We do have WinRT component (Universal Windows) project type in Visual Studio® when we select C# or Visual Basic language. Great. It’s an easy way to develop WinMD libraries that can later be reused in WinRT (Universal) app development using … Continue reading

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Delay event handling

Sometimes you want to delay executing an event handler, such as to record multiple occurrences and operate them in a batch, or to execute a single action for multiple similar event occurrences. The first usually happens if you want to … Continue reading

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