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Microsoft .NET issues and solutions

Want to learn WPF? Get a book

Originally posted on Sorin Dolha's Blog:
I’ve said it before. In my opinion, WPF is the single contemporary programming technology (disclaimer: among those that I’ve considered myself) that really requires a book to learn it. Otherwise, trying to dig…

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Change notification chaining

Sometimes you want to define a complex container that aggregates other objects and you would like to chain INotifyPropertyChanged notifications upwards. However, it is difficult to write all the code to wrap up everything needed, and often results in code … Continue reading

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Naming items

From time to time I find projects with completely inconsistent naming for their items. While I believe naming things – be them source code files, variables, or enum values – is one of the most important things for the long … Continue reading

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Workaround for FrameworkElement.Triggers using Style and resolving issue

Many times it would be so handy to have Triggers available at the root FrameworkElement object type. Yes, the property exists, but it only supports EventTrigger at that level, while many times you’d want a different type of trigger, such … Continue reading

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Targeting .NET Framework 4.7 or .NET Core 1.1

A heads up, if I may. If you plan to develop an app targeting .NET Framework 4.7 or .NET Core 1.1, Microsoft says that you need to: Update Windows 10 to the Creators update, build 15063; Update Visual Studio 2017 … Continue reading

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Processing Edge favorites

If you are like me and use the default Edge browser in Windows 10 despite that Chrome is much more popular among other users, you’ll also have favorites saved there. However, many times you might have a difficult time synchronizing … Continue reading

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Reverse for

When one writes a for loop for ascending order it will probably be like this: for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) But what if you want to do it in reversed order? The first option would be: … Continue reading

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